Dunlop – SP Sport Maxx GT NST (NoiseShield Technology)


  • Tire Size:
  • Load Index:
  • Sidewall Style:
    Raised or Recessed Black Letters
  • Tread Depth:
  • Part Number:
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Sold By: Goodyear - Raben Tire


Touch Technology™ — Helps provide enhanced communication between driver and road for fast driver feedback and precise steering response
• Multi-Radius Tread Technology™ — Helps deliver superb dry handling while maintaining wet handling
• Flatter tread profile — Enlarged contact patch for enhanced cornering capability
• Reinforced sidewall construction — Helps reduce lateral flex during cornering to enhance the driver's feel for the road
• Asymmetric tread design — Helps provide a balance of wet and dry performance
• Unique bead fit system — Helps enhance force transmission between tire and wheel for superb driver feedback
• Hybrid Jointless Band Technology™ — Helps maintain tire shape for smooth performance at highway speeds and helps prevent flatspotting after vehicle is parked for extended periods
• Performance compounding — Enhanced ride and traction
• Non-directional tread — Allows for tire rotation on staggered fitments common to high-end performance vehicles, helping to promote long tread life
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