BFGoodrich – g-Force Sport COMP-2

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COMP-2™ Compound - Silica-infused COMP-2™ compound is derived from racing technology and delivers sharp steering response and leading grip in wet and dry conditions. — ACCELERATE FASTER. Best dry traction vs. the competition on the track for 100% more fun on the street.
• Sport Tread Design – The g-Force™ Sport COMP-2™ high performance tire’s tread pattern provides proven stability to stop up to 16 feet shorter on wet roads and up to 9 feet shorter on dry roads. It offers maximum cornering power, with g-Hooks to provide biting edges for grip at any cornering angle. Sport performance without compromising on control for exhilarating drives in summer. — BRAKE SHORTER. Stops up to 16 feet shorter in the wet and even up to 9 feet shorter in the dry for more control entering the corners.
• Performance Racing Core (PRC) – The internal structure of the g-Force™ Sport COMP-2™ road tire features a reinforced construction that delivers 30% better grip on wet roads and 8% better grip in dry conditions, resulting in increased responsiveness, precision and durability, as well as serious control in hard cornering. — CORNER HARDER. More control for precise cornering with 30% better wet and 8% better dry grip.(2) ((2) Based on internal subjective dry and wet autocross and subjective max handling test results vs. BFGoodrich® g-Force™ Sport.)
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