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Meet Ra & Ben

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Howdy I'm RA and I'm BEN

Cornfield Skiing

The first Ra & Ben commercial aired in 1972. It was "Cornfield Skiing" and many people in the Evansville area remember this "most famous" commercial. This commercial was featured nationally on Dick Clark and Ed McMahon's "America's Funniest Commercials". It was rather revolutionary in the early days of local advertising and local television production.

Car Pool

The "Car Pool" commercial appeared not too long thereafter and was a product of the times in the 1970's when carpooling was encouraged to conserve resources.


Many spots were created for promotions and events for four decades and the last commercial of the iconic "real" characters aired in 2007. It was "CornAhol".

For All Your Auto Service Needs

Also in 2007, Ra and Ben made their commercial debut from the magical world of animation and continue to be a part of the commercials in this fashion today. Here is an example of just one of their commercials.