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Kenda Tires

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We offer the complete line of Kenda tire products.

Kenda Tires perform to the highest standards across several different categories. For the past 50 years, Kenda has been building a better tire for life's most demanding activities. From industrial to passenger car tires - Kenda is the only tire company with a wide product offering designed for the most demanding applications. With a well-rounded history of expertise, Kenda engineers know exactly what goes into a making a better tire. It's the in-depth experience across these segments that set Kenda apart from the rest. They are strategically designed down to the smallest detail to meet today's most rugged challenges, whether that's at the top of the summit or a road trip in a snowstorm. To keep up with your changing needs, Kenda engineers are constantly working to make improvements, enhancing durability and overall performance.

At Raben, we offer you the finest tire products available.
All at the Guaranteed Lowest Installed Price.

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  • Passenger Car and Minivan Tires
    • Kenda Kenetica KR17
    • Kenda Klever H/P KR15
    • Kenda VEZDA ECO KR30
  • Light Truck Tires
    • Kenda Klever A/P KR05
    • Kenda Klever A/T KR28
    • Kenda Klever H/T 2
    • Kenda Klever M/T KR29
    • Kenda Klever S/T
  • Ultra-High Performance Tires
    • Kenda Kaiser KR20