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About Raben Tire & Auto Service

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Company Founder Butch Raben

Founded in 1952 by Butch Raben, Raben Tire grew from one location in Evansville, Indiana to one of the largest tire and service companies in the Midwest.

Raben Tire offers new and retreaded tires as well as automotive services to retail, commercial and wholesale customers. The company operates 30 stores, two wholesale distribution centers, and three retreading facilities across six Midwestern states. Raben Tire has locations in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee. Raben Tire carries a diverse product portfolio including passenger, truck, farm, off road (OTR), and motorcycle tires.

In December 2014 Palladium Equity Partners, a private investment firm with over $2.5 billion in assets under management, made a significant investment in Raben Tire, in partnership with the Raben family, to help accelerate the company's growth. Palladium Equity Partners shares the vision of growing Raben's tire and service business by expanding the Raben Tire footprint within Raben's existing markets and also adjacent markets across the United States.

Raben Tire is seeking to grow both organically and through acquisition. Now there's a participant in the industry that can provide liquidity for other privately held tire businesses that are seeking a transition or exit. If interested in discussing these opportunities please contact Brad Raben at 812-465-5565 x1053.